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About Me

Hey everyone my name is Sam. I am the owner/photographer of Frozen Memories Photography. When I'm behind the camera capturing your memories I am doing my passion. I love being behind the camera and bringing images and emotions alive.

As a mother of  two kids myself, I understand the love of memories and how important pictures are at saving memories and moments to look back on. I realized my family doesn't really have many photos. When you ask about family that had passed on, there were very few photos that remained. I found a passion with photography and capturing those moments so when my kids and other generations come to want to look back they can see the generations of their family's past. 

Napoleon, ND is my home town and hope to have lots of support in making my passion, my full time job creating beautiful quality memories for you and your families to look at for years to come.  

Work is no longer work after you have found your passion.

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